#SPORTING 60 Years of Success

Infrastrukturë Sportive



Elan indoor and outdoor basketball structures are designed for professional, school and recreational use. We develop equipment with our own knowledge and experience. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with safety regulations and FIBA ​​standards. We offer basketball structures for indoor and outdoor use, such as portable floor mounted equipment, wall mounted and ceiling mounted structures. We offer basketball boards, hoops and nets of various sizes and materials.


Built-in or mobile handball equipment suitable for sports training, recreational play and top-level competitions. The equipment complies with safety regulations and is certified by IHF International Handball Federation standards. Our IHF goals are used at International, European and World Championships.


Elan indoor and outdoor volleyball equipment manufactured in accordance with FIVB safety regulations and rules. We offer in-ground, wall-mounted and portable posts with different tensioning mechanisms and the ability to adjust the height of the net. We also provide soft posts protections, referee stands, nets and other small equipment. Soft protection is made of polyurethane foam and comes in various colors. We also offer personalized net printing


Badminton equipment is manufactured in accordance with functional and safety standards. We offer in-ground and portable posts for outdoor and indoor use as well as badminton rackets and balls. Installation and use are quick and easy.

Protective nets and soft wall coverings

Protective nets and soft wall coverings are designed to ensure the safety of the sports facility. The acoustic cover attenuates the sound of ball strikes. Soft wall coverings and protective nets are available in different colors and can be tailored according to the customer's dimensions.


Elan sports mats of various sizes and colors. They can be used in combination with other sports equipment. Elan mats are made of high quality material with an anti-slip underside to ensure safety. Sports mats are easy to store and maintain.

Sport System


FIBA approved basketball system is one of our greatest prides blending design, manufacturing excellence and commercial success. An ideal combination of safety and performance, Sport System’s portable basketball stands and backdrop systems are widely used in international competitions satisfying even the most demanding sport events of any scale. Backstop systems with hoops, net and a reinforced glass backboard included in the package are portable and easily adaptable to all competition needs for true basketball enthusiasts. Blending solid experience and expertise in development of basketball backstop Sport System remains an international leading manufacturer of mobile basket stand systems. Portable and adjustable in height, Sport System model range starts from simplest solutions for schools up to those approved by FIBA ​​for international competitions. In particular, the hydraulic backdrop units prove to be an excellent solution for moving the structures and setting up the areas for sports competitions.












Sport System’s offers about football or soccer includes football goal posts with official or reduced sizes for training, made of steel or aluminium, fixed sockets type of portable models as well as complete line of soccer goal net in polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon (white or coloured) as well as a wide range of training accessories and tools and furniture for the football or soccer field. Do not leave your goal post without a proper net, just experience the sensation of making the net waving with a splendid scoring. Choose the one that best fits your soccer goals in Sport System catalogue.







By having a look at the online catalogue of Sport System it is possible to find a complete line of handball equipment and all the accessories needed for training and official competitions. We can provide a wide range of articles for various sports and gym activities: basketball, volley, football and fitness equipment able to satisfy even the most demanding sport and fitness fans. Thanks to our long experience (30 years of activity in the field of sport furnishing) we are able to ensure functionality and reliability for each of our products.